Greeting from Management

History of Coryo is the History of Koreans' Immigration.

Successful Immigration Must Differ from the Beginning.

We promise to help you to fully realize your new dreams based on the integrity, faithfulness, correct knowledge on immigration, and accumulated experience of all our staffs. We need careful comparison and investigation when we intend to move even within a city. All the more we sure need the courage of a lifetime when we move our whole family to a new living site in an unfamiliar place with a different environment and the decision should not be a thoughtless challenge, but should be on the premise of assured actions. We in Coryo IMS sincerely thank you, our clients for our growth as a leader reliable this much in the industry today truly based on honesty, best efforts, and advanced local system. And we in Coryo IMS promise to support each and every client and his/her family to realize new life dreams while enjoying various social welfares under a top-notch environment.